The ‘prima ballerina’ friend

ColorspointeshoesgrishkoEvery corps de ballet would love to become a prima ballerina. Don’t ask me why French is used for the average dancer and Italian for the principal one, but I like it that Italian is used for the exceptional soloist (for the record, I am Italian..). The prima ballerina is prettier and more talented. She has the main role and all eyes are on her. What do you think the prima ballerina would do however, if one of the corps de ballet suddenly started to out-shine her? She would probably do away with her.

Many girls seem to have this ‘prima ballerina’ syndrome. They’re normally prettier than their fellow girls, they’re more popular and more talented – well, so they believe. If they ever felt threatened to be knocked off their pedestal by one of the ordinary girls, even for one second, they’d do away with them.

If it is true that prettiest girls are normally the envied ones, it is also true that being so pretty has a cost: insecurity, as everything depends on the looks, and the looks change, in you – they may fade, and in others – they may improve. It’s hardly ever the other way round if you start pretty.

Maintaining position number 1 in the beauty and brilliance contest is a hard job and it sometimes requires some tricks of the trade (aka: cheating). If a pack of girls is on a night out and the less beautiful girls are getting some attention while she isn’t, the place suddenly gets boring and the whole pack has to go somewhere else.  If there is a cute guy around, it’s a matter that falls under her unique competence. The idea that a cute guy may like one of the insignificant girls doesn’t even cross her mind, it’s unconceivable (he will probably look at her only, men are superficial pigs).  In the rare event of a cute guy actually throwing eyes at any of the ordinary girls, the prima ballerina would have to restore her prevailing role by gently discouraging the corp de ballet from taking any further step: he’s an idiot, he’s ridiculous, he’s a bad guy, have you not seen he’s gay? Just a piece of kind advice from a friend. She is normally so popular with guys that the corp de ballet would believe every word she says. Yet, if the cute guy persisted and anything romantic happened to the corp de ballet, well, it’s nothing really, what’s all this fuss about? It’s just a date. Uh, uh, boring.

On the occasion the newly formed couple are getting away for a romantic weekend, there is no way evidence can be ignored. Fighting her homicidal instinct, the prima ballerina knows she has to display some kind of happiness otherwise she will lose her entire ballet ensemble altogether. But how much happiness? The more the better, right? So let’s be very, very, very, very happy for you. I wish you two all the very bestest things in the world – may it rain all through the weekend.

If I can’t have it, then no one else should.