Of crossing paths, chance encounters and missed connections

Imagine a path running across the earth surface for each of the 7 billion people that make up today’s world population. Isn’t it impressive? Paths overlap, run in parallel and intertwine; the earth surface lays covered by the cluster of crossing paths.

If you look at the million times paths cross, you will be struck at how easy it can be for people to cross paths at some stage in their lives, even if they live at the other side of the hemisphere. Paths may cross multiple times in a lifetime, cross and run close to each other afterwards or briefly pass through and then proceed their own ways.

Right – this means Mr Perfect, Mr Price Charming, Mr Right, Mr I am your Man and all their fellows cross my path at least a thousand times a year. Where the hell are you all hiding? It’s 2013, how can you possibly not have figured out how to track me down? In the era of the internet and social media, in the era of Love at first Profile Picture,  let me help you out: there are a number of online resources you can use to search for me, publications on newspapers, or you can simply go back to the place you noticed me at the same time of the day on the same weekday until I finally get back there. And we lived happily ever after.

I wish I had said Hello.org  I wish I said Hello is a celebration of everyday poetics, a physical mapping of digital network, a commentary on the role of technology in human communication.

Easy, isn’t it? But I am still waiting. I have already tried different alternatives, looking for love in the workplace, on social media, at a high altitude, it is about time my beau came to find me! I am pinning all my hopes on re-encountering my missed connection(s) with my love(s).

Yet, I seem to have been cursed with a parade of Mr Wrong, Mr A$$hole and Mr Frog that’ll never turn into a Prince. Why? Why? Why?

They say Love at first sight is often cured by taking a second look.

Doh, that explains it. Bummer.

what do you think about this?

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