What’s the worst place on earth to be single?

Or else, when one has to come to terms with their relocation choices.

It came out as joke on the internet – there are 7 billion people in the world, I am sorry you are still single – it made me laugh and then it made me think. True, I am single. So, what’s the story?

Just to check what my chances are, I decided to have a look at some demographics. Wikipedia says that there are 105 men for every 100 women in the world. Promising, at least there are enough blokes for all women. To assess my chances more closely, I have checked the most recent demographics for Ireland. According to the Census 2011, in Dublin there are  949 guys for every 1,000 girls, with an about even 1 male/1 female ratio, they say – well, not quite, we seem to be 51 blokes short, not considering the gay ones!

It may still seem a fair good chance to meet someone… well, then it must be that I am too picky, or there is true lack of dateable guys in Dublin (Tallafornia has started on TV while I was here all intent on statistics…).

It is probably my personal perception of Dublin guys by now, but statistics are on my side – or, actually, they support my theory, but they’re definitely against me. When women outnumber men, men show a tendency to lure women into multiple, short-term, uncommitted relationships. They don’t feel any pressure to settle down as women are plentiful (the proper term here is Taco Fest). This would explain why Dublin guys are stingy and don’t invite girls out. They also don’t seem to be much interested in conversation, like they have no incentive in making the effort, except after a few pints (and there the conversation flows…).

Given the male to female ratio, I should relocate to Smurf Village. Lucky Smurfette!


The proper term here is Sausage Fest.


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