Whoever said that men are commitment phobic, well, they are wrong. In fact, men show commitment to many things.
In general they have a sincere commitment to football (be that Italy, or rugby, be that Ireland). They would choose their favourite team when they are just kids – or inherit it from their father and siblings -and stick to it for the rest of their life. They wouldn’t miss a single match, football is sacred. Every Sunday (and any other Championship day) is totally devoted to football. Now, that is commitment.

They can then show high levels of commitment to: the TV remote controller; brands of cars and motorbikes and other smaller machines, such as computers and mobile phones; magazines (sports and porn); dvds (just porn); booze; video games, playstation, X box and so on and so forth. They tend to be very proud of their collections of all the above mentioned.
They are also well committed to their mum. When they are 6, when they are 12, when they are 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, etc. They claim they are free spirits and need their freedom and space… for themselves and their mum to come along and cuddle them at any time – cook for them, iron for them, clean their mess, criticize their girlfriend, apply pressure on them to make decisions. They might not stand her at times, nevertheless she would always be allowed to stick around.

Men love commitment in relationships too. As long as the woman commits first and from the very first moment. As long as she quits her job, family, friends, hometown and career just to join them wherever they are and support them do whatever they want to do, they’re happy to commit. Or better, they feel relieved. They like it to have someone willing to share joys and sorrows with them, to take on responsibilities, duties and decisions. Just two are the conditions: they reserve the right to desire and seek sexual variety; they reserve the right not t to share profits and financial resources.

Women on their part commit from the very beginning, quitting job, family, friends, hometown and career, with no such conditions as men. At a certain point they just want their commitment to be officially recognized and possibly reciprocated. Marriage or official cohabitation is what women want, but both break the 2 rules set by men as a limit to their commitment. Ergo, the answer is no.

Does this mean women are destined to accept men’s commitment-limits forever? No, relax, there is still hope. Sooner or later men will pop the question. Maybe. Or maybe they won’t. Or maybe they will – marriage is just paperwork in the end.
Some of them might surprise you as they would have valid reasons not to marry you and then they would go on holiday and come back after a few days truly and totally committed to some exotic woman (breathe in deeply and repress your homicide instinct).

My dear single girlfriends, I am afraid there is no happy conclusion to this blog of mine. But we love men anyway. I can only advise all of you to learn from their own rules.

I really tried to be positive and find a nice happy ending to this piece, but then I came across this: AskMen: Reasons Not To Get Married


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