When love has an expiration date… agreed by both parties!

Do you think it is good or bad?tumblr_kverfypfTP1qzxzwwo1_500

Opinions may clash. The most romantic ones would certainly say that love is forever, or at least that you have to think it will last forever (at the very best stages of it). But someone else would say that when there is undeniable chemistry and the time together is limited, that is when love reaches its utmost intensity.

From A to B – this is how the inspiration source of this blog defined the whole concept (I care to point out that the person in question is a guy): you start a relationship knowing it will go from A to B, you know where it starts and you know where it ends. Both agree to it. This type of relationship with a deadline apparently lets your inhibitions go and your emotions spark. There is no worry about long term impact, no dramatic plans for the future, no expectations on the relationship or on the other. No strings attached, isn’t that what it is called? Once the inevitable moment comes, both parties go their own way and never look back. No long distance commitment. And no broken hearts.

It sounds cool (I have never tried this though). The awareness that this love will soon be over enhances the moments together. There is no room for jealousy, as the relationship is not destined to progress anyway. Does it matter if he throws his eyes at someone else’s booty? No, and you are free to check out what is on the market too (for when the goodbye moment comes).

You have nearly convinced me that dating with an expiration date is great. I am not a fan of long distance relationships – prince charming is not so that charming over the phone or through emails and chat. So I figure this is the best approach I should have with guys I meet here in Dublin (let’s face it, I am not going to spend the rest of my life in this weather and neither will the majority of guys that move here to work).

I mean, so far I have tried to carefully chose who to date and who not to date, but it’s true that you cannot help who you fall for or the timing of the fall. Even though every date is a potential mate, not all  dates are marriage material anyway, so why not? It sounds like I have plan: if any short-term relationship appears on my radar, I won’t try to outflank it (again), I will come to terms with it. Once decided where A and B are, we will be free to enjoy it while it lasts. This is a moment of triumphant discovery, I am picturing it all already: we meet, we like each other, we don’t have much time to spend together, we long to be together even more, we agree on our expiration date, we start our sparking relationship; we enjoy every minute, not a moment of jealousy, just love . And when the farewell moment arrives.. we will amicably terminate this relationship… won’t we?

…hold on young A-to-B fella, are you sure you can outsmart your heart?


what do you think about this?

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