Reverse Chivalry

Ah, modern guys. Or modern girls, either way.

I have grown up believing that all a woman had to do was use her body language to tell the man she is interested. The man would have to do the rest – approach her, ask her out, get her number, call her, pick her up, take her on a date, pay for the drinks, take her home and kiss her good night. This routine for a few dates until she grants him the honour to take her into the bed (there seems to be a third-date-rule regarding this…).

This is prehistory. Today women are modern, emancipated and adventurous so they like making the first move (and the second, the third, the fourth..). Not that they are left with any alternative. If they wait for Prince Charming to come along by their simple flattering of eyelashes, they can wait forever, especially modern princes. If you ask the guys they all seem to be conservative and state that courting is a prerogative of men. In practice, they have lost the skill. Women had to break the taboo, for the conservation of the human species.

So it began, the era of women approaching and courting men. But how does it work? Offering them a drink probably works quite well, but how to proceed from there? I reckon guys wouldn’t accept flowers, or chocolates or stuffed animals in the same light as women do. Are women also supposed to pick them up and open the car door for them? There don’t seem to be set rules, but one thing is clear already: men are enjoying the flattery. They like the attention they are getting from women and they are getting so used to it, they almost seem to be seeking it all the time purely for the sake of being flattered left and right.

All this reverse chivalry can turn out to be amusing for ladies too. It certainly is more fun than simply sit waiting and it requires inventiveness. Girls can pull incredible courting acts out of their hat to surprise men. Yes, courting men and their reactions to reverse chivalry can be amusing, until… sbang! there comes the rejection.

Rejection per se is fine. Okay no, it’s not fine but we can live with that, I mean girls have the chance to be turned down like guys, but what entails emotional turmoil is the fact that guys don’t express their feelings clearly (the sassy side of me would like to add that men are jerks, full stop). Phone calls and textes start to gradually trail off. The moment they may realize you have lost interest, they suddenly re-appear temporarily, just to re-assure themselves you still like them and would go any length to pursue them. They would text, possibly at night (even the booty-call  has been surpassed by the booty-text), just to make sure you are answering and showing up in a nanosecond. Straight after that, they disappear again.They basically cheat to get the girl’s attention, and some sex, but not necessarily, the ego is often satisfied with just a bit adulation.

Now I wonder, did women use to be such bitches in the past? Is this payback?



what do you think about this?

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