If you’re male, approaching 40 or over and single, you had better not read. You might not like what I am about to say.
On the premise that I like older guys and always have.

Men mistakenly think that only women have a biological clock and that only women’s looks will fade with time. The problem is you guys have a clock too and only a few of you get better looking as getting older. Drizzled hair might have its charm, but I am sorry you’re not all George Clooney.

Just a few of you figure out they have a clock and are able to understand when it is the right time and the right woman to settle down. Other will keep chasing after 15/20-year-younger girls only to be confused on why they are rejected. Take a long hard look in the mirror, please.

sugar daddy

What I don’t seem to understand is if you all really believe time has not passed for you, or if you just wish to become a sugar daddy. In both cases, you often just look creepy.
I see you in the clubs, sweating and dancing embarrassingly. You are all over your prey, the prettiest of a pack of girls. You are drunk. She is not impressed at all and looking around (sipping the drink you bought her or waiting for you to get her one). If she goes to the ladies you turn and whisper to your buddies that she can’t wait to be in bed with you. Meanwhile she is asking her girlfriends to help her get rid of you. When she turns her back to you, in most cases you would do the worst thing ever: shift your attention to the second prettiest girl in the pack. All the ladies in the club will hate you at that point.

A middle-aged guy can be interesting, when just being himself and his age. If you optimistically pursue girls in their 20s it is easy to overdo it and look like a total jerk. Your pick-up line might be even good, just not age appropriate. You are on a completely different stage of your life. As being more experienced, you should not chase someone who doesn’t show the correct interest in the first place. Look around. It is full of nice, interesting girls, that might be truly interested in you, with whom you don’t have to pretend. Need a pair of glasses?

Last but not least: you bachelors boast you have a busy sexual life, you have options and are disgusted by boring monogamous life; but, are you sure you have better sex on your random and drunken one-night stands than your married or happily related peers? I reckon I know the answer, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out.



what do you think about this?

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